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Glen Nelson

Glen Nelson, the founder of NCS, started out about 15 years ago taking up the "IT Administrator" job while working as  a CAD Instructor at ITT Technical Institute in Tampa, FL.  He had to quickly learn how to repair and maintain the 25 computers in the CAD Lab as there wasn't really anybody else to do it.  The "IT Guy" title followed him as he moved back into his true field of expertise, structural design.  When he moved to Asheville in 1997, he took over a small office network of 4 computers that eventually became 8 computers including a file server.  He quickly became frustrated with trying to get help from the "big box" builders and started going to seminars and taking classes at UNCA to increase confidence level at building and maintaining a small network.  Soon, he was building all of the computers for the engineering firm he worked for as well as some of their architectural clients.  In 1997, NCS became a full time venture into the local business scene.  Over the past 13 years he has built over a hundred computers for various local businesses and individuals.  I currently maintain about 75 Windows based computers and 12 Macs on 4 different networks that I have built.


Kati Nelson

Kati Nelson's history coming soon.